Failing Fast

I was tempted to ignore the nagging voice that told me that it’s Sunday again and I committed to taking a journey here. But I’m here – although I did not do the work for this week’s theme, which was ironically „work.“ There are many reasons I have avoided this one, here are but a couple:

  1. Work is part of the reason I’m on this journey today. I enjoy my job, but I’m not confident that I’m doing it well right now, and I’m not sure that it’s the right one for me. I’ve reached a level of uncertainty for me that is uncomfortable for me to live with and as I mentioned last week, I like easy. Uncertainty is not easy. It’s heavy. It leaves me wondering about what else I could or should be doing. I want to figure out if this is the right place and space for me to thrive or if I need to consider another path.
  2. I got on my computer to start drafting earlier and my procrastination tool was work. My relationship with work is probably fairly unhealthy. It’s where I turn when I find that I have free time, rather than facing all of the other options.
  3. I don’t have boundaries with work. I have often struggled here, but the pandemic has made it worse. I always have my computer at home and ready to access. And that means that I am available and thinking about it 24-7.

Needless to say, it’s a space I need to do some work and much more thinking. And I am. I’m just not ready to face it quite yet, because I need time to process and do the self-discovery.

And looking ahead to what to expect next week – another doozy of a topic: What is missing?

Look pro. Go slow.

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